Leonard N. Smith, D.Min.
Minister of Foundational Ministries

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for The Lord rather than for people.”  Colossians 3:23 (NLT) 

At Mount Zion, the functional operations of our Church are divided into seven structured divisions. Each of the seven represents one of our core values. Of the seven, our Foundational Ministries Division is the substructure which underpins everything that we do.

Our mission is to provide effective and efficient, sustainable services to support the mission and ministries of Mount Zion Baptist Church with excellence.  The Mount Zion Foundational Ministries consist of the following:

  • Administrative Ministry
    • Budget Committee
    • Building Committee
    • Church Office Staff
    • Finance Committee
    • Historical Commission
    • Personnel Committee
  • Clergy Ministry
  • Deacon Ministry
  • Deaconess Ministry
  • Joint Leadership Ministry
  • Trustee Ministry


Deacon Ministry
Deacon Isaiah Woodruff, Jr., Chairman
Deacon William H. Taylor, Jr., Vice Chairman

The mission of the Deacon Ministry is to implement the Church's mission, as given by the divine inspiration of our Pastor and to support him by assisting all church ministries through teaching Christian doctrine and practicing biblical principles.

The Deacon Ministry has implemented a Family Plan to address the physical and spiritual needs of our growing congregation.  The Family Plan is accomplished by the Deacon Ministry partnering with the Pastor and Ministerial staff to serve the needs of the Mount Zion Baptist Church Family.  In accordance to the meaning, the work and practice of the New Testament Church, a Deacon is a servant to the Church. (See, Acts 6:3)

The Family Plan aims to strengthen the church/congregant relationship by assigning each family or individual member a Deacon by alphabetic sorting. Your assigned Deacon will serve you through prayer, visitations, crisis support, sharing information about the Faith and ministry, assisting you as you seek to find your place to serve in the Kingdom.  The Deacon Ministry Family Plan, under the leadership and stewardship of the Pastor, helps to ensure that each member and family of our Christian Fellowship experiences the Love, nurture and support needed to become a Kingdom Focused Disciple of Jesus Christ. 


Deacon's Ministry Family Group Assignments:

If Your Last Names Starts With:

Your Deacon Is…


Deacon Nathaniel A. Shelton


Deacon Robert L. Kelley


Deacon Onzlow G. Williamson, Jr.


Deacon Lamont B. English

E and F

Deacon Jesse Porter, Jr.


Deacon Samuel A. Zanders


Deacon Nathaniel A. Shelton


Deacon Nathaniel A. Shelton


Deacon Eric M. Twiggs, Sr.

K and L

Deacon Donald Davis, Sr.

Deacon Lamont B. English


Deacon Donald Davis, Sr.

N and O

Deacon Isaiah Woodruff, Jr.


Deacon William H. Taylor, Jr.

Q and R

Deacon Jesse Porter, Jr.


Deacon Samuel A. Zanders


Deacon James F. Jordan

U and V

Deacon Isaiah Woodruff, Jr.


Deacon Isaiah Woodruff, Jr.

X, Y, and Z

Deacon Isaiah Woodruff, Jr.

*Call the church office to obtain YOUR Deacon's contact information, 703.979.7411 or email


Joint Leadership Ministry
Dr. Leonard N. Smith, Moderator
Sister Florence H. Ross, Clerk

The Joint Leadership Ministry consists of the Church Clerk, Deacons, Deaconess Chairperson, Pastor, Treasurer and Trustees. This body only convenes primarily to consider major matters and make appropriate recommendation to the Church. However, the JLM may to act upon specific matters of the Church when the full Church is not able to convene.


Trustee Ministry
Sister Kylene Rollins, Chairperson 
Brother Gary Smith, Vice Chairperson

The Trustee Ministry serves as the legal fiduciaries of the Church, manages and safeguards the assets, facilities and property according with the policies of the Church. Additionally, the Trustees make recommendations to the Church and Joint Leadership Ministry on financial, property, human capital management, legal and contract matters.